Friday, 23 December 2011

Wednesday evening Pub Run

Four of us Charlie, Gus, Norman, and Dave headed out to Glamis via Paddy School and Roundyhill. It was cold to start with but every now and then we'd notice a waft of warm air blowing in. Ron and Tom were already at Strathmore Arms where we were treated to a couple of bowls of chips. On the way home by the main road it was quite mild with a tail wind.

With Sunday being Christmas, the next run will be to the Bothy on Monday (Boxing Day) leaving from the Leisure Centre as usual at 10am.
The Pub Run on Wednesday 28th December will be to Roundy Hill.
Bothy New Year overnight celebration on Thursday 29th - Friday 30th December  

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Mince Pie Run

This Sunday saw a good turn out for the annual "mince pie" run hosted this year by Mary and Tom Ward.
Leaving from the Leisure Centre at 10am, the group headed out the main road through Kingsmuir and on to Letham. It was a glorious sunny day with little breeze and temperatures around zero as the group continued down to the Plashmill then around by Trumperton Forge and down the Milldens road then along the back roads to Guthrie. Passing Windyedge in the sunshine it just about felt warm but care had to be taken with icy patches lurking at corners and down in the hollows. After a brief pedal up the main Brechin Road, we then turned along by Glasswell, Kinnell Aerodrome, then up the side of Wuddy Law to Bolshan where we enjoyed a fine descent to the Montrose Road. Keeping to the minor roads we continued along the Muirmills road by Whanland and Egypt. From there it was back down to the crossroads at  Montreathmont then in the Montrose road to Clocksbriggs where we cut across to Lunanhead. Arriving at Mary and Tom's we were treated to copious amounts of Christmas fare and a fine sociable afternoon.

The next Wednesday night pub run  21/12/2011 is to Glamis
With Sunday being Christmas, there will be a run to the Bothy on Boxing Day (Monday) leaving from the Leisure Centre at 10 am