Monday, 2 March 2015

Edzell 01/03/15

The first day of March was bright and warm till we got out in the open and into a strong chilled wind.  Six of us were heading to Edzell via Memus and the high roads with Davis suggesting Glen Lethnot.

We stopped after about 12 miles for a wee break with Ron and wee Jimmy heading back into the wind for home, the wind was from the south so we were getting blown along at a fair rate well over 20 mph without trying on the straights.  I was turning for home early as I had 56 mile into the wind to Tillycoultry via Dunning the previous day and was feeling the effects, so I turned leaving Charlie, David and Gus to the joys of Glenlethnot and Edzell.  The return journey to Forfar was mainly into the wind and progress slow in places.

Sunday 8th March is Tesco Riverside  Dundee - take padlocks!

Newtyle Rendezvous Ride 22/02/15

What stated off as a reasonable day turned into a miserable one by lunch time!  Six set off from Forfar with the weather forecast suggesting the possibility of snow and strong winds.  We headed out for a fairly flat day out the Bogside Rd and we were only a few miles out when the rain came on and it looked like it would stay on for the day.

By the time we got to Miegle it was pretty wet which prompted Charlie, Gus & Ron to take shelter in the cafe leaving Keith, Norman & I to head out for another hour till the pub opened.  We headed out through Ardler into the wind and at 12 we took a left on the Abernyte Rd and then another left back to Newtyle.

We had the wind mainly behind us and the rain turned to snow for the last 15 minutes, as we arrived in Newtyle Keith headed for home and we found Gus who had decided not to go home but stay out for lunch.

We arrived with just on opening time just as the bar maid arrived on her bike.  Thankfully the soup had been made earlier and the heating had been on for a while so we got warmed up and fed quickly.  The snow was looking fairly heavily and swirling around so we stayed for another pint before heading home.

We had expected the wind to be behind us but it had changed from the morning and was now o our side.  Norman took to the front and set a brisk pace all the way home which warmed us up pretty quickly.