Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday Evening Run to Finavon

Three of us, ( Gus , Keith, and Myself)  set off from Forfar and headed out the Aberlemno Road to the foot of Finavon Hill where we climbed sharply over the hill and down to Finavon. The near full moon made the cycling easier on the back roads. At Finavon we met Alan Ferrier, fixing a puncture, and Charlie who had made is own way there. On a rather chilly clear night we made our way home by Tannadice, Justinhaugh, and Battledykes.

Sunday Runs 4th March

On Sunday, Ian Matheson, Dave Fawcett, and myself (Dave H) made our way down to Rosewell south of Edinburgh to take part in the "Dave Harris Memorial" 200k Audax organized by Sonya and Colin Crawford. On the first stage down the main A701 to Tweedsmuir there was snow down to the roadside and it was pretty chilly. The usual workout over the steep climb from Tala to Meggat reservoirs was re-routed for safety, and instead we kept on the main road to Moffat. There was a fair bit of slush on the road all the way up the Devil's Beeftub but the going was easy in the calm conditions. Once over the top, the snow disappeared and we enjoyed a fast 5 mile descent to Moffat. Here we took the Selkirk road up by the Grey Mare's Tail and St Mary's Loch.

Dave H (my good self) at Grey Mare's Tail

The weather here was bright, sunny, and spring like but as soon as we turned up Paddock Slack towards Traquair we were into a head wind and short hail showers. Not too bad towards Peebles where a bag of chips was a welcome snack before the main road dash down to Clovenfords.

Filling my face at Peebles (not a pretty sight)
A stiff climb up and over to the A7 tested the tiring legs and a bit of a headwind as we started on the A7 wasn't too welcome. I began to cramp after Stowe and had to stop and stretch and consume some fluids. I managed over the top by Fallah Hill in an easy gear then enjoyed the long descent towards Laswadde. 1 mile from the end, I cramped so badly that I had to walk most of it. Ian kept me company to the end where we enjoyed the food and company in the hall.
Dave F wasn't there to cheer us in however as he had finished his cuppie and headed home, having finished 2 hours in front of us.

Meanwhile on the Club run from Forfar, 5 members, Charlie, Gus, Ron, Norman, and Keith set off for Stracathro taking a route out by Redroofs, Powsoddie, and up the hill past the transmitters at Burghill Woods.
From there it was down into Brechin by the caravan site, then up the hill to the main road near Taranty, Once up the hill of Stracathro it was a fine run down to and over the dual carriageway then into the restaurant at the hospital for some lunch. The weather wasn't that great but not too bad as they headed home by Careston.

The Wednesday night run is to Finavon
The next Sunday run on 11th March is to Scone

Wednesday Evening Run to Memus

On a calm night Gus, Keith and myself made our way from Forfar out the usual route by Battledykes, Justinhaugh, and Baldoukie, to Memus. At the Drovers we met up with Pat, Ron, Tom, and Norman.
An easy and pleasant run home by Shielhill Bridge and Hornycross.