Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sunday Run to Inchture

The windy weather of late continued on Sunday as 8 of us set off from the Leisure Centre on route to Inchture.
It was hard work against the breeze all the way out by Newtyle and up the hill by  Haliburton Woods then along the flat exposed roads to Collace. Here we got some respite as we turned up through the village and round the side of Dunsinane Hill then up through the glen past Pitmiddle Wood

Up the glen towards Pitmiddle Wood
Ian at Collace Quarry

After a couple of short climbs it was downhill all the way through Abernyte and on to Inchture where we stopped for a while at the transport cafe. After the break we took the flyover across the main road towards Errol and due to the strong wind we were glad when we  turned  towards Invergowrie to enjoy the strong tail wind that blew us along by Kingoodie then Riverside and through the docks. Here we had to make a slight detour due to a closed bridge but found another route up to Strathearn Road  then out the Wellbank Road by Claypotts.

Luckily the wind was still in our favour as we slowly climbed up by Kellas and we only had a cross wind to contend with as we tackled the slopes up Carrot Hill.

Gus and Keith at the viewpoint
Norman Charlie and Ian atop Carrot Hill

After pausing to regroup at the viewpoint, it was more or less downhill all the way to Inverarity then home to Forfar.

The Run on Wednesday Evening is to the Drovers Inn at Memus.
The run on Sunday 4th March will be to Stracathro.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Wednesday Evening Run to Roundyhill

On a dry but windy night 9 members of Angus CC met up at the Park Tavern at Roundyhill.
The main group took a route around by Heatherstacks,  Balinshoe, and Maryton, with others making their own way. While enjoying some refreshments, our host Jim  provided us with a basket of his finest chips which were eagerly consumed. With a tail wind we then made for home by Paddy School and Drumgley.