Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunday Run to the Bothy

On a bitterly cold but bright morning, 8 members set off from the leisure centre for a run up to the bothy.
Choosing a slightly different route from the norm, we headed out by Horny Cross and Inverquharity before tackling the sharp climb up by Kinwhirrie and along the ridge that ends up at Pearsie Crossroads.

Tom at Pearsie Crossroads

Re- grouping at Pearsie

Pausing there to re-group we then carried on past the Iron Kirk and down by Balloch then up to the junction where we turned along the Ballintore road.  After the descent over the Quharity Burn it was hard work as we turned full into the breeze with the only shelter being afforded by the steep climb up by Auldallan. No sign of any restoration at Ballintore looks a wee bit more dilapidated each time we pass it. From there it was down to Lintrathen where the road a round the western edge was rather icy.

Charlie and Tom at Ballintore

Leaving Ballintore
Once at the bothy we found that Mary, Etta, Gus, Grant, and Wallace (who we hadn't seen for a while) were already there. Pat also turned up later so it was a full house.

On the way home we split up with myself , Charlie and Norman extending the run a bit by climbing up over by Bamff then down into Alyth Den before heading home by Airle, Westmuir, and Kirriemuir.

The Wednesday night run is to Roundyhill
The next Sunday run 26th Feb. is to Inchture.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wednesday night run to Glamis

On a chilly might 6 of us set off from Forfar to Glamis. With the main road at Paddy being closed, the Drumgley road was being used as a rat run to get around it so we avoided this and instead chose a route up the Dundee road  then around by Inverarity. Turning towards Gateside into a strong headwind, the going was hard and didn't get any easier as we climbed up the side of Kincaldrum Hill and along to Foffarty then around the back of Hunter's hill before dropping down to Glamis. Ron and Tom had beaten us to it so that made 8 on the night.