Monday, 16 September 2013

The Bothy 15/09/13

Arriving, on time for once, at a deserted leisure centre I thought everybody  was very keen  and had headed off early into the rain.  It was tempting to head home for a lazy day with a few newspapers and rolls from the shop when Charlie arrive.d saying he wouldn't normally go out in the rain but as it was only to the Bothy he wold give it a go.  We reckond that Ron would go straight there, Dave was Audaxing in the borders, Gus was sleeping in and the rest had seen enough of the rain on their 10 day tour to the west coast.

As well as the rain there was a strong south westerly wind so we decided on the Bogside Rd for a wee bit of shelter, that worked well and we stayed on this road for a while before turning right up past the remains of Ruthven Castle and stopping at the bridge over the River Isla at Dillavaird.

From the Bridge we headed through Alyth u by the Den of Alyth and turning right up the steep brae to Newton of Bamff then down the Alyth Glen Isla road, as we approached the Bridge of Craigisla we met Ron who was leaving the bothy.  It didn't take much persuading for him to come in for another cup of tea and a warm up at the fire.  Lee joined us in the Bothy having cycled up from Glamis.  Lee was heading straight back and the three of us headed for Kirriemuir getting soaked in a heavy shower of rain the dried out by the sun and wind.

We stopped for a cup of tea at Ron's house where Pat showed her new map of of the Callander area and the routes for the bunkhouse weekend.  From Ron's we headed back to Forfar via Ballindarg and Drumgley.

A short day and home early afternoon, just 40 miles for the day with just a couple of testing little hills.  The route is here if you fancy giving it a go.

Finavon on Wednesday and a VC's surprise next Sunday!