Wednesday, 15 April 2015

St Andrews - 05/04/15

An Easter heat wave welcomed a larger than normal group to the leisure centre.  The destination was to be St. Andrews but i the end  am not aware of anybody actually went that far!  We decided on the main rd to Carnoustie to avoid Carrot Hill and the costal path from there.  We had the gentle breeze in our face up the big hill and re grouped at the top.

From the top of the hill it was down hill virtually all the way to the coast.  The barriers were down as the Aberdeen London train was approaching so some of us went over the bridge and a the rest along to the underpass.  We followed National Route 1 along to Moniefieth where we regrouped, I headed home with my dodgy knee, Gus upset the clugie wifie and the group was going for an early lunch. Ron and Jim headed towards Dundee and up to Kirrie Keith was the only one who went across the bridge  with the rest of the group having a longer loop back home.

A grand day!