Monday, 26 November 2012

Clatterin Brig - 25/11/12

Our luck had to run out sometime and today was the day!  The weather was much better than forecast though and we left in light rain but much milder than in previous weeks.  We headed out of Forfar via Suttieside and the Bensel and off to Brechin.  

Ron turned off over Finavon Hill, probably heading for beer in the bothy, we then had a brief stop at Aberlemno to regroup as the warm weather had people stop to change jeackets etc.  Keith didn't fancy the long climb up Melgund Hill and took us down the low road which comes out at Netherton, home to the father of the founder of the Harley Davidson motor bike company. 

Keith turned off in Brechin with talk of decorating to be done, leaving six of us Charlie, Gus, Norman, Ian, Colin and David to head for for the North Water Bridge.  We went via Luthermuir and found The Scots Corner (a pub nobody new about - definitely a summer visit on the card to try it out) and followed the minor roads past Thornton Castle the Kincardine Castle and onto the Banchory Road  for  the last mile and a half to our destination the Clatterin Brig where we stopped for lunch an good run of 30 miles!  

The rain was off completely when we headed for home and the wind was behind us, Charlie shot off at the front and pushed on through Fettercairn and on to Edzell where we regrouped.

We then headed towards Memus, Charlie turned of at Fern and by the time we arrived at the Drovers the sun was out but a wee bit cold to sit outside.  

We raised a glass to celebrate the birth of Donalds baby born 18.10 hrs 22/11

By the time we left it was dark and the wind had dropped slightly but the pace was brisk, fueled by a couple of pints we arrived back in Forfar a shade under 59.7 miles 11.8 mph moving average.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wednesday Evening run to RoundyHill 21/11/2012

Five of us Charlie, Gus, Keith, Norman, and Dave left from Forfar taking the usual route out by Heatherstacks and Balinshoe. Tom and Ron were already at Roundyhill when we got there. Jim sporting a movember moustache provided us with chips to go with our refreshments.
Later on there was a guest appearance from Mr Godfrey who'd found a spare evening from his farming duties and decided to join us.