Monday, 5 November 2012

Inchture - 04/11/12

A group of ten headed off from the Leisure Centre on a crisp cold and sunny autumn day - perfect for cycling.   We headed for Newtyle, Collace and on to Inchture.  Brian turned off at Newtyle followed by Ron & Tom at the Abernyte then Gus at Collace leaving six of us (Colin, Pam, David, Charlie, Alan & Ian) for the short climb up to the quarry and on to The Horse-Shoe Cafe on the north side of the A92, good value for bacon rolls tea etc.  With the sun shining into the cafe t was a thought to be leaving, there was a very light breeze on the route through Invergowrie and along the Dundee shore line, from there we skirted round the edge of the Ferry and through Baldovie then onwards to Carrot Hill.  After a brief respite it was home to Forfar, a 56 mile round trip at 12.3mph av.

Ian, Pam, Colin, and Charlie at the top of the Carot Climbs