Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Run to St Andrews

Sunday was sunny and bright with only a gentle breeze from the east. With temperatures forecast to be in double figures, (not bad for the end of May :-/ ), we couldn't believe our luck as we climbed out of Forfar by the Lour Road then on by Whigstreet to Wellbank where kamakazi motorists tried their best to wipe each other out to get past us on the bends. Into Dundee and over the Tay Bridge we paused at the kiosk for bacon rolls and coffee.

Ian, Gus, Charlie, and Ron at the Tay Bridge

Here Gus and Ron left us to head back to Glamis to enjoy some of the festivities there while myself Charlie and Ian took the cycle route to St Andrews. Just before joining the cycle path we met the Berwicks on their tandem with trailer probably heading into town for the groceries. Once in St Andrews we made our way down to the harbour for a bite to eat at the cabin. There we were met with the sight of a large procession of  University Students, resplendent in their red gowns, walking along the harbour.
We thought perhaps they might jump in like lemmings so we ordered a cuppie and sat down to watch. They didn't  however but instead climbed up onto the harbour wall to make their way back

Sunny St Andrews

 After the break we headed along by Strathkinness and joined a parade of vintage tractors. The Fordsons and Super Dextas found it hard to pass us, these were the days, so we stopped a while and let them go. We continued down to Dairsie then round by Balmullo, St Michaels, and Wormit before heading back over the Tay. Once in Dundee we took the sharp then steady climb up Princes Street,  Albert Street, and Pitkerro Road before dropping down through Mid Craigie and up Longhaugh then out of town by Duntrune. We noticed that the ponds there were drained, perhaps for maintenance, as we continued climbing up by the Murroes then Petterden to take the Lumley Den road to Glamis. Arriving there at a round 5pm it wasn't worth going in so we joined the traffic along the main road to Forfar.

The Wednesday Evening Run this week is to the Drovers at Memus.
The run next Sunday 27th May is to Pitlochry.

Wednesday Evening Run to Roundyhill

Not a bad evening to start with as 4 of us set off at a brisk pace taking the usual route out by Balinshoe and Maryton. At Roundyhill we met up with a few others, 9 in total, enjoyed some refreshments and Jim provided a bowl of chips as he usually does. Started to rain while we were there, so we had a slightly damp run home. We found out that there was a big jubilee do planned on Sunday at Glamis, so we discussed making our way there at some point, perhaps on our way home from the Sunday run is to St Andrews