Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Glamis - 19/12/12

The night started out quite nice, mild again and we had the wind slightly behind as 5 of us left from the clubrooms.  We headed for the Bogside Rd with Gus taking a more direct route up the hill.  We could see Andy in front of us but we never caught him.

Ron had made his own way to the Glamis hotel which was busy with Christmas parties, we were lucky that a large table had just left which seated us all comfortably but the big surprise was the delivery of a large bowl of chips!

The rain which was forecast had arrived by the time we headed back but it wasn't to bad and we made good time. 15 miles - 13.1 mph av

Meikleour - 16/12/12

A good sized group of 8 headed out the Bogside Road via the pig farm led out by Keith, we had a brief stop as Ron mended a puncture, welcomed by some as it was milder than we thought.

Puncture Repair Stop

Charlie was the first to turn at Miegle followed shortly afterwards by Ron, Tom and Brian who were heading directly to Ardler ( they arrived to early and had to divert back to Miegle) the rest of us (David, Gus, Keith, Ian & Norman) headed to Meikleour via Blairgowrie and out the back road past Lairds Marlee Quarry.

We arrived in good time at the Meikelour Hotel and managed to gat a table in the bar for a bowl of tomato, red pepper and chili soup washed down with a pint.  The hotel has it's own ale commissioned from the Inveralmond Brewery in Perth.

Fro,Meikleour we headed towards Perth over the Tay and up the hill to Leyston and Coupar Angus then to Ardler and the Tavern where we warmed up and had a couple of pints today they had Three Sisters from Atlas and Dark Island from Orkney.

We hadn't heard from Donald in a week so we put a pot of tea (empty of course) on the table just to show him what he's missing!

From Ardler it was a nice steady run back to Forfar. - 52 miles 13.2mph.