Friday, 30 December 2011

Bothy Nicht

The annual New Year get together at the bothy, a wee bit early this year, took took place on Thursday and Friday. 12 of us enjoyed the festivities that started around mid-day. Big Jim the new janny had arrived first (allegedly at 6:30am :-) )  and had erected the awning and got the fire going, much appreciated as it turned bitterly cold as we arrived. Once the tents were up we started to sample the real ale purchased from the brewery at Carnoustie. Keith did the catering and we were soon enjoying hot soup followed by onion bajis and some more beer. The weather was getting a bit wild at times and every now and again the reek blew back down the lum and smoked us out. The main course of curry and rice was eagerly consumed and more beer was required to wash it down. Now getting dark, the new bothy lights powered by the genny were officially switched on and toasted with more beer. By about 10pm the beer barrels were as good as empty and we went on to coffee before sampling the plum whiskey and a couple of single malts. The sky cleared displaying a fine starry night but the squalls persisted. By around 1am everyone had gone to their tents except Tom who toughed it out in a bivvy bag under the awning.
Tom in the Bivvy Bag
Friday morning was calm and frosty with ice on the tents and we all gradually surfaced and had some breakfast before heading home. Ron stayed behind to wait for others who intended to come up on the Friday. It had been another fine night with thanks to Jim for getting the bothy ready, Ron for organising the beer, and Keith for preparing another splendid meal.

Those at the meal were Pat, Ron, Norman, Brian, Alan, Keith, Gus , Lee, Jim, Ian, Tom, Dave. later on Pat went home and Jim went back down to his caravan with the remaining 10 sleeping over.
Gus Jim and Ian

Brian Jim Pat

Ron Tom Brian Gus

Bothy Lichts

Dave sampling the Buckfast

Ron Keith Tom Brian Gus
A cold crisp Friday morning

Preparing to leave

A Few Hours Later

The next Club Run is on Monday 2nd January leaving the Leisure Centre at 10am probably to Arbroath.
The Wednesday evening pub run on the 3rd January is to the Drovers Inn at Memus

Wednesday evening Pub Run

Gale force winds again from the west  made for a hard run out to Roundyhill. Keith, Gus, and Dave battled against the breeze taking the direct route out by Ballindarg. Slow going, had to stand up on the pedals along the flat bit by the sawmill. As usual Jim provided us with chips and we were also entertained by a piper who was performing at a party night. Charlie and Ian turned up separately and Pat and Ron had walked down from Kirrie. The return journey took around 5 mins.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Run

At the Bothy
New Beer Cabinet
Monday was very mild and blustery with gale force winds from the south west. Never the less 5 cyclists turned up at the leisure centre eager to work off some of the festive excesses. Gus, Charlie, Ian, Dave, and Fraser sent off out the Bogside Road battling against the wind most of the way.Turning north up by Den of Airlie we got some respite but were soon working hard again along by Shanzie. We got a good blow up the steep climb by Barry Hill then again by Incheoch to the Craig Isla Bridge. Ron was already at the bothy and had the fire on and cuppie made. We had a bite to eat then moved the beer barrels to create a bit more space ready for the New Year gathering. The return journey by Lintrathen and Kingoldrum  was nice and fast helped by the strengthening wind.