Monday, 11 February 2013

Bridge of Caley 10/02/13

The original plan had been to go to the Glen Isla Hotel but we had been told it was closed so a slightly longer route to the Blacklunans and Bridge of Caley was on the list.

We headed through Padanarm then on the back road through to  Maryton where we were 'jumped' by two deer bound across the road right in front of us, we had a short stop half way up the hill as then Brian's chain came off.  From Maryton we headed through Kirrie and onto the Glen Isla Road, we could see the snow line in the distance and the cars coming towards us were covered in snow and as we got to Kingoldrum there was a light flurry.

A couple of miles further on half way up a grinding hill we met Jim the Bothy convener coming the other way in his car, he would have got 10 points if he had offered to turn round an put the fire and kettle on in the bothy but he was away for his papers so only the one!

Charlie was the first to turn heading down to Bridgeend of Lintrathen followed at the next turn by Brian who was going to Peel Farm for a warm up and tea.  We got to the Glen Isla Hotel and it looks like it may still be open, there was a light on but the only person about did not know where the owners were or if they were to open.  We decided to stick to the plan and headed onwards.

Lee was next to head for home taking the long climb up Kilry Hill, the rest of us took the turn for the long gentle climb up to Drumore Loch and the Blacklunans, we slithered and slatherd our way up and down the hill

Overlooking Loch Drumore and the boat house 
Food break
As we turned on the the A93 the snow turned to Sleet which stung the face as we headed the 7 or so miles down to the Bridge of Cally Hotel for lunch.  The fire was on and we had soup coffee scones and beer (Belhaven IPA on hand pull)

The rain was off when we set off for Blargowrie and we knew that our normal rest stop on the way back was closed for holidays  so we went down into Miegle then up to the Belmont Arms where we had a welcome warm up and a couple of pints before heading back to Forfar via Newtyle.

We arrived back in Forfar about 5:30 just as the last of the light faded and darkness fell, a baw hair under 60 miles and pretty cold but a good day oot!  The route is here if you want to try it!