Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sunday Car Assisted Run 23rd July

On Sunday, four of us Gus, Norman, Charlie, and Daveh, drove up to Kenmore for a change of scene.
It was rather windy when we set off up the south side of Loch Tay but at least it was dry. On this tree lined road we were well sheltered from a strong south westerly wind and had only the steep undulating road to contend with. There were some fine views up the loch but the cloud base was fairly low with the top of Ben Lawers and other hills hidden from view. At Killin we briefly stopped for some supplies at the coop before heading out of town passed the demolished former youth hostel. Turning off along the Glen Lochay road again we wern't too bothered by the breeze in the sheltered spots. It was becoming rather damp as we started up the Hydro-board road that would take us over into Glen Lyon. The long climb was hardwork made more difficult while attempting to dodge the huge potholes. Once over the summit it was even more perilous on the speedy descent with the light rain making the road slippy and affecting visabilty. Once into Glen Lyon, the rain stopped and we enjoyed a fine tail wind down the road to Bridge of Balgie for a lunch stop at the Post Office.


Charlie Norman and Gus at Bridge of Balgie

After the break we took the Ben Lawers road, sheltered at first, but once out of the cover of the trees we were exposed to a blustery headwind and light rain.
On the  fast descent after the dam we had to take a bit of care as there was a classic car rally coming the other way. Once down on the main road on the north side of Loch Tay it was up into the big ring as a galeforce wind propelled us the last 9 miles or so back to Kenmore. The distance on the day was around 62 miles (100k) or so.

The Wednesday Evening Run will be to Roundyhill

The run next Sunday is to the Spittal of Glenshee

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wednesday night run 18th July

The weather was pretty poor again on Wednesday night so 4 of us headed for Glamis instead of Newtyle. After a while Ian showed up, having looked in at Newtyle and Meigle before finally trying Glamis.

Sunday Run to Falkland 15th July

Two club members Charlie and Ian met up at the Tay Bridge Kiosk and had a run through Fife down to Falkland, not sure of the exact route.
Charlie at Falkland
Meanwhile the B group consisting of Mary  and Tom  were also out.  They met up with Margaret Baird on the way and went to Brechin.  At Aberlemno, they passed the Harley Davidson house and there were a lot of bikers there,.  They stopped to chat and had a look around the house that is being renovated/  Apparently there were 300 HD bikers there the day before.  Margaret got them chatting to these leather clad  'big hairy' bikers while Tom showed off in his lycra!!,.