Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wednesday Evening Run to Roundyhill

On a fine night, 2 of us (myself and Gus) left from Forfar taking the usual route out by Balinshoe and Maryton.
On arriving there we met up with Tom, Ron , and Charlie.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sunday Run to Kirkmichael

The earlier 9am starts have been greeted with a return to cold wintry weather and Sunday didn't exactly buck the trend. Six of us however turned up for the run to Kirkmichael. At first we seemed to have a tail wind leaving Forfar, but as we progressed around by Alyth Den and up over the 3 Cairns road by Tullymurdoch and the wind farm, it was clearly turning against us.

Gus near Blackwater Bridge

Charlies front mech
The day was bright however and we soon arrived down at the Blackwater Bridge where we were delayed a while due to a problem with Charlie's derailleur. He had to remove the front changer and shorten his chain. Soon after getting started again, Tom turned off to go round by Glenisla while the rest of us continued along to Kirkmichael. On route we met Dave Fawcett coming the other way and gathered that he'd already been to Kirmichael. We stopped a while at the cafe for lunch before returning home. Coming up through Blacklunans we noticed that the Glenshee Eco Camp was advertising a bakehouse on certain days of the week; could be a suitable cafe stop.                                                                                            
At Brewlands there was a short debate as to whether we went home by Glenisla or Kilry Hill. Tempting as it was we chose Glenisla with a tail wind.

The B run on Sunday started at 10am and went to Edzell
The Wednesday night run (tonight) is to Roundyhill.

As Dykehead is no longer open, it has been removed from the pub runs rota. see the link to the runs list at the top of the page.

The run Next Sunday is to Stonehaven leaving at 9am.
The Sunday B run will leave at 10am contact Mary Ward or Raymond Moug if interested.