Monday, 11 November 2013

Inchture - 10/11/13

We welcomed a new face on a very cold crsip morning - Norman from Laurencekirk  joined us for his longest outing to date.  Seven of us headed from the leisure centre in the direction of Newtyle with Ron heading for home.  Tom was just out for a short day  round by Ardler as we began the climb up the Dundee Road turning right for Lundie and through to Abernyte and down the hill to the truck stop where we had our refueling stop.  There arn't not many places that you can get tea, bacon & black pudding roll and a cake for under a fiver.

From Inchture we headed to wards the coast before climbing up through Longforgan then up towards Liff  and Muirheadwhere we were afforded fantastic views over Dundee into Fife.  From Muirhead we turned left back to Newtyle where Charlie got a puncture. 

We found a spot in the sun to get the tube changed before heading back to Forfar, we turned left at Easie school and headed for the Bogside Rd,  meeting Norman on the road, and back into Forfar via Paddie and the Zoar Inn.  57 miles back into Forfar was a good day in the sun, quite a lumpy route - HERE

Next week it's the Bothy with a 10:00am start