Monday, 11 May 2015

Angus Coastal Path - 10/5/15

For the second week in a row it was a miserable Sunday in Forfar and nobody was keen on a whole day in the rain and the Fife loop.

Six of us headed over towards Carrot Hill with the intention of going to the Tay Bridge, Ron was the first to turn followed shortly after by Gus who was off to a birthday party leaving four of us to grind up the hill.

It was looking brighter to the north so we headed for Monifieth and Route 1 to Arbroath, Keith was heading straight home leaving three of us to go to the Meddowbank Inn for lunch, we timed it just right as the tables filled up fast.

Heading out it was starting to drizzle and it looked pretty dull to the south and inland so we headed for Inverkielor where the sun came out briefly twice for less than a minute.  Form Inverkeilor we headed home through Gardyne,  Letham and over Dunnichen Hill and the gentle downhill through Burnside to the golf course and home.

Next week we head inland to Prosen and Clova with the hope of good weather!