Friday, 27 January 2012

Wednesday Evening Pub Run

8 members made their way to Roundyhill on Wednesday evening. It was fairly mild but as usual rather windy from the south. The Park Tavern was quite quiet at that time  but we enjoyed a couple of refreshments and also a bowl of chips from our host.

The Run this Sunday 29th  is to Montrose
The next Wednesday evening outing, on 31st January, is to the Drovers Inn at Memus.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Run to Clova

Following freezing temperatures overnight Sunday turned out bright and sunny with a fresh breeze from the north-west. Although milder the roads still had icy patches so we had to take care as we headed out by Horny cross and Memus. Here big Jim's bike suffered a mechanical, sounded like the bearing on his pedal was about to go, so he turned homeward. The remaining 8 of us continued on past Memus and had to work against the wind for a mile or two before reaching the shelter of the woods at Cortachy Castle.

Around by Memus

 Climbing out of Cortachy village we came upon ice and were lucky to stay on. From there we turned up towards Dykehead and into Glen Clova Still against the wind as it funneled down the glen but the views ahead of the snow covered mountains were work making the effort for as we chose the west side of the glen up by Tarabuckle and The Drums.

Winter splendor in Glen Clova 

Views of Clova
Views of Clova

Ron at the Hotel

Leaving the Hotel after lunch
Winter view from Crossbog

Arriving at the Clova Hotel we stopped a while for lunch before getting a good blow down the east side of the glen by Rottal and Gella and back to Dykehead. Here 3 of us popped into the hotel for a refreshment with the intention of going round Prosen on the way home. Hearing the locals talking about ice on the roads we decided against and headed home in the afternoon sunshine.

The Pub Run this Wednesday 25th January is to Roundyhill.
The Sunday Run 29th January will be to Montrose.