Monday, 18 February 2013

Balbeggie - 17/02/13

This week could not have been a bigger contrast to last Sunday - gone was the snow and hail and in was a very gentle breeze and warm sunshine!

Seven headed from the leisure centre heading towards Newtyle at a leisurely pace as the request of Ron who had just returned from a cycling tour of Portugal!  We left David, Big Jim and Ron at Newtyle and headed on to Kinaird before the long climb up to Balbeggie on the Rait Rd about 600ft in just under 2 miles with Charlie first to the top.

We got to Balbegie in the sunshine, it was warm enough to get a roll and sit outside before heading back on the flat route to Forfar.  The ride back started steadily enough but picked up as we got to Kettins and got faster. A brief respite for a pee stop before hammering on to catch Gus (suffering a little after 100 miles on Saturday!) who had continued  on and met up with Norman who was out for the afternoon.

We got back into forfar with the last 30 miles completed in just over 90 minutes of cycling for a total of 60 miles and 2745 ft of climbing.

The route is here