Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sunday Run to Blacklunans

The Sunday run to Blacklunans started as a battle against a strong south west wind as the group of seven made our way out by Horny Cross then meandered through Caddam Woods managing to get some shelter from the blast. Emerging just before Kingoldrum, we then continued up by Glen Isla to the Hotel where although we were tempted to go in for a cuppie and some shelter we decided to press on up to Brewlands to take the road around by Drumore Loch. This 3 mile stretch was the worst as, being on the south side of Mount Blair, we had no shelter from the gale and were glad when we eventually got some respite at the Glenshee Eco camp.

The Eco Camp Bothy

Glenshee Eco Camp Blacklunans

Glenshee Eco Camp
Here we went into the bothy bake house cafe and nearly managed to clean them out of home made cakes and scones. First time we have been there and reckon we will be back. After the break we continued for a couple of hundred yards into the wind before thankfully turning north up by Cray and over to Forter Castle. Following the road around by Folda we found the breeze was a bit playful, turning against us as we pedalled on to Brewlands Bridge. The further down the glen we went the more the gale blew us on, and at Lintrathen, Charlie and Ian decided to head round by Ballintore while the rest of us took the direct route to enjoy a speedy descent down by Purgavie and on to Kingoldrum. There was a sting in the tail however as we turned south at Paddy School and had to pedal hard over by Drumgley to the Glamis Road where again we were blown home the last couple of miles into town.

The Wednesday Evening Run this week is to Roundyhill
The next Sunday Run is to St Andrews