Thursday, 1 August 2013

Crail & Anstruther - 28/07/2013

Summer's over, or at least it was in Forfar.  It was chucking it down at 9:00am, and it had been for a few hours, 3 of us were heading off just as David arrived with the forecast due to be better in the afternoon.  Not really what we needed for what was to be the longest run of the year so far.

As we headed up Carrot Hill Ron had literally had enough and tuned for home. leaving three of us to head for Fife.  It threatened to brighten up as we headed over the Tay Bridge for a stop at the cafe for black pudding rolls and coffee.

After a short break we headed back out into a drizzle and it stayed like that all the way through Craill and onto Anstruther.  We dropped down for a run along the Harbour but we weren't for stopping,  It was a longish climb out of Anstruther back to St. Andrews where we did stop at the Whey Pat, a regular stop when it's wet, you need a feed and drink as they always have 3 hand pull ales on.

After a slightly late lunch the rain had finally stopped and the rain jackets were off, we took the high road to Strathkinness before dropping down to the main road and through Gaurdbridge, we looked towards the Eden Brewery but there was no sign of life so it was the Toll Road through to Balmullo and down to St. Michael for 1/4 mile along the main rd then turning left to the East Links Wood roundabout at the A92, we crossed without incident and went round to the bridge via Wormit and Newport on Tay.

From the bridge we had a choice, back over Carrot, up the steep hills to Glams or the long way round via the tunnel at Invergowrie and on to Newtyle.  The latter was the choice as we were late anyway and had completed 77 miles so another wee bit wouldn't hurt us.  It was into the wind along Riverside Drive then a long drag up to Muirhead.  Through Auchterhouse Donald got a second wind and took off and Dave hit the wall just before we regrouped at the Commercial in  Newtyle.

Three pints later and some crisps we were off for the last leg of our journey into Forfar, we had a light breeze behind us and made good time - 102 miles and a good day out - The route is here if you want to try it

Prosen & Glen Clova + Beer Festival - 21/07/2013

The hilly short run round Prosen and Clova always has a good turn out and we hoped the good weather would draw a crowd.   Numbers were lower than thought as seven headed out but were joined on the run by Iain who was a wee bit late, saw us leaving and caught us in Kirrie and Angela and Lynsey  joined us at the beer festival to give us 10 for the day.

It was  a fairly uneventful ride up until David, who had only arrived home at 1am from holiday had the bad luck of a puncture at the bottom of the steepest hill of the day.  By the time we realised something was up and Gus & I ventured back down he was back on the road so we got a second hit up the big one.

Pace was good all the way and we arrived just on 12 only to find out that they were not starting till 1 so we had lunch in the bar with an early pint.

£5 paid and we were in, early enough to get some seats in the sun.  There was a good selection of beer and the hog roast was on so there was plenty of food and beer, the band was warming up and we had a couple of hours of tunes before leaving the ladies who were planning to stay till the end.

Donald & I headed back via the Drovers who were having 'A Taste Of Angus' festival in the garden.  A cracking barbi with steak, lobster and loads other fancy stuff and Mor Brewing had a tent with some samples to give away.  We were lucky that Ron had bought some beer from them for the bothy so they were happy to chat and give us good sized top ups.

There was a band on there as well but as it got close to 5 the haar came in so we retreated to the bar for the final pint of the day.  A gentle run into Forfar with the water bottle racks full of Mor beer - good day oot!

Spital of Glenshee - 14/07/13

Yet another sunny Sunday saw 6 head from the Leisure center picking up Raymond en-route for a whirl along the Bogside Road.

That was the easy bit, as we turned right of the back road to Alyth at 16 miles and headed towards the Bothy the route became more apparent, Kilry Hill followed by the Blacklunans.

Atop Kilry Hill

The down side of good weather is busier roads than normal, there seemed to be constant traffic as we headed up the the Spittal, we met Ron en-route as he was heading back to Kirrie.  We had covered 36 mile and climbed nearly 3000' and certainly need our lunch and a cold drink.

For the return we headed back down the main road and, after some off road scrambling due to road works, turned into Glen Isla and then left round by Forter.  The speed picked up on the way down the Glen, first Donald, then Gus and Charlie making good time.

We regrouped at the turn for Muirhead Wood and Kinnordy and split for home with Gus & Charlie heading straight home and the rest of us going to the Drovers for some welcome refreshments before turning for home.