Monday, 16 February 2015

ACC Mince Pie Run 14/12/14

A large group gathered at the Forfar Leisure Centre for the annual Mince Pie Run which was being hosted by Tom & Mary this year.

The snow and ice which had blanketed Forfar for most of the week disappeared overnight and although there was a strong wind it was fairly mild.  We headed up the brae to Ladenford and there were a few spots of rain and it looked grey to the south and west so rather than go down the side of the A90 we turned left and enjoyed the wind behind us for a few miles through Craichie, Bowriefauld and Letham.  We had a wee break at Trumperton and were heading for Froikhiem when Charlie suggested heading over Guthrie Hill which cut a big loop of the planned run, we had over an hour till lunch would be ready and were only 8 miles from town so we headed for a loop round by Redroofs through Montreathmont Forrest and then on to Melgund Castle. Melgund Castle was built in 1543 by Cardinal David Beaton, Archbishop and Chancellor of Scotland. He obtained this secular property, the barony of North Melgund for his favorite mistress, Marion Ogilvy.

From Melgund Castle it was onto the Brechin Rd and into a fierce headwind for the last eight miles Tom & Mary's  where a fantastic spread awaited us, there were over 20 of us there for the afternoon and had Birthday cake for Etta plenty mulled wine beer and good chat, Ron proposed a vote of thanks to all helpers and made a collection for the injured cyclists legal fund before we drifted off into the dusk for home.

Arbroath 15/02/2015

A good size group headed out on a warmer day than expected with the wind from the South East we headed East out towards Arbroath with the thought of having the wind behind us on the way home.

From Lunanhead we took a right through Myreside onto the Montrose Raod past Rescobie Loch and a right through Mains of Balgavies followed by a left onto the Arbroath through Friokheim past the crem.

At the Boysack turn wee Jimmy turned for home and when we turned left again at Chapleton Ron went straight on to Arbroath with the aim to find a new community cafe on the High Street.  We were heading along towards Inverkeilor when we took a right up to Gilchron crossing the Arbroath Stonheaven Rd at Brunton and then a series of right and lefts took us onto the main cycle route.

With talk of a food stop as we rolled towards Arbroath the group decision was the Meddowbank Inn where I was leaving for home and David taking over, taking the group along the coastal path before turning home to get the wind via Panmure.

A dry day for all with the main group getting in over 40 miles - not bad for February.

Next up is a rendezvous ride to Newtyle meeting at the Commercial for around 12:30