Monday, 26 October 2015

Murthly - 25/10/2015

The clocks going back an hour was welcomed in Forfar with 10 members turning out at 9:00am for a run to the new bar and restaurant in Murthly - Uisge.

Having been out the Bogside Rd last week we took to the high road out by the school and followed the main road to Kirrie, then Alyth where Tom and Ron took a left to head down towards Meigle for a coffee stop leaving the rest of us to head to Blairgowrie.  

We were making good progress and were a wee bit ahead of schedule so headed down towards Dunked to add on a wee bit, unfortunately Charlie got a puncture, which was fixed with the usual huge team effort of us al standing around offering advice - Gus even offered to screw the valve cap on!

We headed off after our wee break taking a left turn and went round by Loch of Clunie up the long brae and followed the road to Caputh via Glendevlon and then over the Tay and into Murthly.

The Uisge only opened a month or so ago and we had not been there as a group before, we got parked up in the posh bike racks and headed in where they were just setting up and we soon got seated in the comfy sofas with soup, beer etc. It was all tasty, if a little on the expensive side - £4.20 a pint of Strathbraan's Due South so it was only one pint for some with pudding to be had in the Tav!!

We headed off with the wind in our favour and instead of taking a left at the cemetry we continued round by Woodside and over the main road to Campmuir, as we had been in the Tav last week a suggestion was made to go the The Commercial in Newtyle where Caroline made us a fine plate of sandwiches.

From the Commercial we headed home taking a little extra mile taking a right at Douglastown and going round by Kinnetles and into Forfar - 60 miles for the first Sunday of winter was a good day out.

Next week it's a 10:00 am start  and we are heading towards the Clattering Brig all welcome.