Monday, 21 January 2013

Sunday run along the coastal path

A very wintery Sunday as 5 of us Dave,Gus,Charlie,Keith, and Ron set off up the Dundee Road.
El Capitano was unwell but we kept to the planned route over a slithery Carot Hill then down by Kingennie and Dobbies Garden Centre where we went down through Monifeith to join the path.
Very little snow lying at the coast but a strong headwind had us working hard all the way.
Stopped for a coffee in Carnoustie then continued up the new coastal path to Elliot Junction where the path turned to mud so we crossed the railway and continued on through the Golf Course and into Arbroath.
Turning up by Hospital Field we had the wind behind us now and were going well up past the now defunct Cycle World before turning off to Redford. A few miles along the road my rear wheel exploded tearing off about 18" off my rim. Luckily had the chunky cycle cross tyres on and managed to cycle home on the flat tyre and it stayed on what was left of the rim. Slow going about 13kmh but we eventually made it back to Forfar.

Wednesday Pub Run to Glamis 16th January

Four of us Dave,Gus,Keith and Charlie headed out to Glamis on a bitterly cold evening.
Went the usual route by Ballindarg and Roundyhill before heading down the main road to Glamis.
Met Ron there, the bar was fairly quiet. Headed home the main road.