Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Run to Blairgowrie

Sunday started off cold and misty but there were early signs that it would lift as the group of eight Charlie, Keith, Gus, Tom, Jim, Norman, Ron, and myself (Dave) headed out the Bogside road. There was a faint head wind from the South West but nothing to worry about as we continued on turning up to Airlie School by Baikie Sawmill. From there it was straight along the main road and into Alyth where the fine day had encouraged a few horse riders out and we passed a horse and cart coming out of the town. Climbing up out of Alyth, we were now in the sunshine but looking down into the den there was still ice at the bottom. There was a steep climb out by Bamff before turning along towards Bridge of Cally. Re-grouping in the sun we then continued down the dip at Mains of Creuchies then up onto the moorland below the Drumderg wind farm.
Re-grouping up past Bamff

relaxing in the sun
The views over towards the snow clad hills in the West were clear and the cycling pleasant as we eased down by Heatherhaugh to the T junction. Turning left we took the roller coaster route up past Drimmie Woods where looking down we saw a herd of deer sunning themselves in the field, they gave us the once over but were enjoying the sun too much to let us disturb them. A fast series of descents down by Courthill and Bonnington brought us down into Rattray where we followed the main road out of town before turning down by Aberbothrie and over the main road to Ardler.

Up on the moor near Drumderg

Turning down by Aberbothrie

After arriving at Ardler we enjoyed lunch at the Tavern before getting a blow home by Belmont, Kirkinch and Newtyle.

The run on Wednesday night is to Glamis.
The next Sunday run is to the Bothy (19th Feb)

Wednesday Evening Run

Pub Run to Finavon
Gus , Keith, and Norman left together from Forfar and met up with Alan,Charlie, and Ian