Monday, 2 February 2015

Stracathro Rendezvous Ride 01/02/15

A crisp and cold morning greeted us at the leisure centre with Big Jim out for his first Sunday run of the year, inspired by lunch the previous week.

Eight of us headed for Stracathro with new Captain elect Gus setting the route, we took the reverse of the Wednesday night Finavon run which pretty much takes the route north of the Lemno Burn through Battledykes and Oathlaw and down into Finavon as Ron and Jim were stopping at Peggy Sue's for coffee and cakes.  We left them there and headed up the long brae to Justinhaugh and Knowhead, at Tiggerton we took the lesser used right fork down through Balnamoon, Mill of Balrownie and into Little Brechin and the back road to Keithock House and into Stracthro.

It was good to see our hard earned tax's being frittered away by an overstaffed underworked NHS staff in the closed canteen watching Andy Murray play tennis as we headed up to the transport caf on the dual carriage way.  

After thawing out Capt'n Gus took us up over the Hill of Stracathro and into Brechin via East Pitforthie, down over the bridgeand up Hillhead of Burghill before we headed into the wind to Aberlemno and home.

ACC Annual Lunch - Drovers 25/12/15

A good sized group of 10 headed out of the Lochside Leisure Center just after 10 up the Dundee Loan and out towards Lour.

At the old Chicken factory Raymond turned for home as he was driving some of the Ladies to lunch leaving the rest of us to a headwind along to Glamis via Inverarity.  From Glamis the wind was behind us pretty much all the way to the Drovers where we arrived on time after 25 miles.

Lunch was fantastic as always, 18 of us sat down to a great menu with plenty of choice, not bad at 3 courses for £25!  The  run down to Forfar was much colder and darkness was creeping in as the last of us trailed in.