Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Run

Re Grouping at the Bogside Road
The intended run was over Carrot Hill and down to the river front in Dundee, but due to snow, heavy frost, and treacherous road conditions we had a change of plan. Keeping to the main roads, the five of us who turned up, Ron, Tom, Gus, Charlie, Dave, made our away along to Meigle instead. The main road was clear apart from ice at the side and it was quite pleasant going in the sunshine. We passed a group of Dundee Wheelers coming the other way so they must have had the same idea. At Meigle we took the back road to Ardler to see if the Tavern was open for a coffee.
That road was rather icy, so we took our time, but never the less arrived there an hour too early. Taking a right turn, we made our way to the main road and back along to Meigle for a cuppie at the Joiner's Cafe. We met Big Eric from Dundee there and chatted a while before heading home in the sunshine along the Bogside Road.

The next Wednesday Night Run is to Finavon

The Run on Sunday 12th Feb is to Blairgowrie