Tuesday, 29 October 2013

St Andrews 27/10/13

With the clocks changing we had an extra hour in bed and got up to bright morning after a night of heavy rain.  The first 20 minutes were fine then a brief rain shower forced the water proofs on.

We were heading on an unusual route to Dundee, up the Dundee Loan, a right turn to Douglastown then a left up the hill to Kincaldrum, and left along to the Glamis Rd.

Angela turned, heading for Kirrie the Gus turned off heading for Newtyle leaving three of us to take the long grind up Lumley Den crossing the dual carriageway then down to Burnside of Duntrune where we turned left passed through Balumbie Golf Coursethe Michelin Factory and down to the Tay Bridge.  We stopped at the cafe for a warm up and by the time we left the sun was out.  We took the reverse of the route we normally follow into St Andrews where we had, probably, the pepperiest bowl of soup ever in the Whey Patt.

Heading for home we were into the wind up to Strathkinness but then we had the wind behind us most of the way back to Forfar.  We had to stop to put the rain gear on just before the bridge and we had some pretty heavy showers to go through before we got home.

The light was beginning to fade as we entered Forfar  as we entered Forfar we had completed 73 miles, a good total for the day.  The route is here if you fancy giving it a go.

This coming Sunday the plan is Kirkmichael starting at 9:00am from the leisure centre.