Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Seaside - 07/07/13

The forecasters said it would be hottest day of the year so far and we due to be heading inland to the Inveralmond Brewery!  Unfortunately we had to cancel due to insufficient numbers and with Perth hosting the annual Game Fair the seaside sounded like a better plan.

Five headed for the Brechin Castle Estate with the aim being Montrose then Arbroath.  Keith turned for home just before we got to the Bridge of Dunn leaving 4 to head into the strong sea breeze towards Montrose, thankfully as we turned through the town centre we got a bit of respite and when Charlie spotted Duncan walking along the other side of the road we got a break for a bleather!

We had made good progress and decided to carry on to Arbroath before stopping for lunch, the route starts with a fair climb out of Ferryden and the undulates along the coast but with a steady wind behind us the hills felt fairly easy.

On entering Arbroath we caught a heavily laden couple from New Zealand touring Scotland heading from Montrose to Dundee for the day, we were in our lightest clothing and they were wrapped up like it was winter!  The harbour was mobbed and a long queue at the chippie put a few off s we headed a bit further along past the football ground to a huge play area with benches and picnic tables and a concession stall serving steak, hot dogs, pork and whole load of stuff.  We got our selves a seat and enjoyed the sun.

It was still early when we left but with Murray was playing at Wimbledon the talk naturally turned to hostelries to watch and hopefully celebrate!  It was decided on Letham via Carnoustie and Monikie not far but some long incines to test us after a lunch stop!

Charlie and Norman turned for home leaving Donald & I to head for The Commercial Inn in Letham which we did at a fairly brisk pace arriving half way through the first set a bit sweaty.  It didn't take to long for the cold ones to have the required effect and with Murray edging close to  a second straight set the decision was made to stay until he lost a set which would give us time to get home.  Thankfully he didn't loose a set and we celebrated a fine weekends sporting victories with a light refreshment with the Letham regulars.

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